Digital Communications

As technology advances and becomes more common place in the working environment, it offers new opportunities to communicate to both your clients and your internal staff. K2 has embraced the digital revolution by taking on in house designers who are focused on converting your information into a modern and high quality digital format.

Email Campaigns - In 3D, interactive or creative formats

Intranet/Website Materials - We can work with a range of media to post either onto an internal intranet or an external website

Video - Either filmed by external photographers that we have as a part of our team, or put together using pre-existing photos, these provide an engaging alternative to still images

Applications - Apps can be used on a range of devices and can often replace pre-existing paper formats. Want to incorporate gamerfication? Apps bring a novel new way of incorporating Employee Recognition utilising gamerfication. Most of the ideas in our recognition schemes can be converted into digital apps.

All of our printed materials can also be provided in a digital format to be downloaded onto a range of devices. Please just ask.